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New Divisions

FCCIAL will endeavor to accomplish its responsibilities towards the four regional Chambers and their members, and to fulfill its overall objectives, by playing an increasingly proactive role in providing an array of useful services, which include, among others:

The SME Center

In response to the ever-growing demands of Lebanese SMEs for affordable and specialized business services, FCCIAL decided to launch a vital initiative for the sustainable development of local enterprises: The SME Center.

The Center aspires to become a key "one-stop-shop" destination for dynamic, growth-oriented SMEs, providing them with all the technical services that they need to accomplish their growth plans.

Given the scarcity of affordable professional business services, the SME Center's role becomes even more important for the following reasons:
  • Improving the capability of SMEs to compete more efficiently on domestic, regional, and global markets, as well as expanding their share of trade;
  • Increasing the competitiveness of the Lebanese economy, and increasing employment through the resulting stimulation of productivity;
  • Enhancing the capabilities of SMEs for product development to reach new clients and new markets;
  • Building up the innovation capacities in SMEs.

The SME Center's staff will bring a vital ingredient in business consulting: A deep understanding of SMEs, their priorities and challenges, as well as a commitment to help them professionally and ethically.

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National Campaign for Food Safety

The Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon, along with important local partners, will launch a National Campaign aiming to maintain the highest food safety standards in Lebanese restaurants, hotels and catering establishments. The National Campaign will help shape and reinforce Lebanon's image as a clean, hospitable country and a premier destination for culinary delights.

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