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(FCCIAL) is delighted to welcome you to the Portal for International Export Requirements (TASDIER). It is a public database that includes information on technical requirements for export, assembled from online sources and /or links to international sites of certain destination countries, covering both fresh and processed food products most frequently traded by Lebanese food producers.

Dual System Training – DSME

Cooperative Vocational Education and Training and the Role of Chambers Cooperative Vocational Education and Training also known as Dual System (DS) education, is regarded as the backbone of German Industry as it secures sufficient and highly qualified workforce to the economy.  DS training combines traditional school teaching with hands-on experience at a private company partnered


The Program Entrepreneurs are not only born but can also be identified, trained and developed. Setting up one’s business call for certain competencies. Those who have an aptitude to be successful entrepreneurs can be assisted in strengthening the requisite competencies. With this philosophy, the program is designed to suit Lebanon’s business environment aimed at assisting